Hunting For Unlimited Data SIM Only

Many of us are constantly on the move and just as many find it important to continually have Internet by their side, whether via their phone, tablet or notebook. This is a trend which has long been observed and mobile operators have tapped to it by offering Wi-Fi hotspots and why not unlimited data streams as part of their premium packages. Yes, unlimited Internet has already become a mainstream offer and it does not cost a fortune.

Combining it with a SIM only deal is nothing of a hyper-bespoke deal, too. The two go along quite well and are present in quite a few packages. What do you have to know when you start reviewing them?

Phone or tablet

Operators tend to make a distinction between phones and tablets when it comes to unlimited data offers. While you can have the so-called "all-you-can-eat" offer for your mobile phone, do not expect the same for your tablet or iPad. There will always be a cap, be it as high as 12GB. Bear in mind that the higher your data allowance cap, the bigger the time commitment requested by your operator or the higher the price.

The price range

As just said, you can "buy out" your freedom by paying a bit more. A rolling 30-day contract will generally cost about twice as much as the monthly instalment of a 12-month contract. While a rough estimate, this is how the unlimited data offer with comparable text and call allowances will fare. The Pay As You Go plan for SIM only and unlimited data allowance are a rarity and tend to be even more costly than the 1-month counterparts.


GiffGaff touts the lowest average rates per minute, text and Internet compared to the main operators on the Pay As You Go market. A comparison with Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2 will see you paying between twice and five times less. While there is no unlimited data allowance, this quite attractive offer is worth the review.

With 3 Mobile, you have unlimited data only for your phone only. Mobile broadband, as the O2 has christened its data catering to tablets and iPads, comes both as a singular offer and as part of a package. Here you have the chance of getting 12GB of mobile Internet each month, the highest allowance available, with a 12-month contract worth £70.49. The price of other packages depends on the cap on the minute and text components.

Phones4U makes a handy comparison of the SIM only deals of individual operators. Review the best offers of each one of them and if you feel like continuing with your research, use the View All Tariffs hyperlink to the right of each operator's top offer.