Striking an unlimited calls SIM only deal

If your business has communication as its pillar or you simply find the 21,000 words an average woman speaks per day a shy cry of your daily utterance daily rates, then your mobile plan should reflect your special needs. The unlimited calls sim only deals option has long stopped being a rarity and now you can find it with all major operators.

You can also make handy combinations by coupling it with, say, a SIM only plan. Sounds good? How to land straight on the unlimited calls SIM only domain?

Here is the shortcut

You have to first find the SIM only deals section in each mobile operator website. It will either be in the plans or products section, depending on website specifics. You are then going to be prompted to choose, respectively, your SIM and the contract duration that you are looking for. Once through with it, you are to then have an overview of the unlimited call options. Depending on the operator, you are to have between two and five unlimited calls deals.

Other unlimiteds?

If your phone or tablet is an indelible part of your job and life, then you would most likely need other no-cap options in your offer. It might be that you need unlimited Internet, especially if you have bulky documents to download and review or yet you enjoy or have to continually stream videos. It might also be that texting is never enough for you; hence, you can't help but go for the unlimited texts option. These are all options you can get but prepare to pay for unlimited up to twice the standard rates.


At Vodafone, you have two unlimited calls SIM only plans if you opt for the 12-month plan and none at all if you are to commit with this operator for 30 days only. Costing £25 and £30 a month, respectively, they both give you your unlimited calls and texts, the only difference being in the 2GB and 4GB data allowance.

With Phones4u, go to the Other products/SIM Only Deals and you are to see what are the going offers of the major operators. You catch a glimpse of the flagman offer. If that is not enough, however, you can click on the View All Tariffs and see the big picture.

At Virgin Mobile, you are lucky to have both Pay As You Go plans and Monthly plans. With the Pay As You Go, you can have unlimited calls to landline phones and 120 mobile minutes by topping up £10 each month. With the monthly plans, you get data, texts and calls unlimited for just £15 a month.