A consumer’s guide to tethering sim

With consumers needing ever more convenient ways to surf the net through their laptops a great answer has came in the form of tethering sims. This allows you to connect either wirelessly or through a USB port to your phone’s internet.

With more and more providers offering this deal we’ve written a guide on choosing the best deal for you and the other factors you should consider when tethering from your sim.

How tethering your sim card works

Whilst tethering your laptop through your phone sounds like a complex process it really is only a matter of a few clicks. Generally you’ll either connect through a USB cord and turn on internet sharing, or you’ll turn on your Wi-fi and enter the code on your mobile into your laptop. Where once speeds of internet browsing through mobile where super slow, 4g enabled phones can provide speeds that are practically noticeably slower than that found in the modern home’s broadband.

Getting the best tethering sim deal

Using price comparison engines

Your first stop in finding the best sim tethering deal should be price comparison websites. Here you’ll be able to enter information such as how many minutes, texts and other features you need in a phone contract deal.

Checking the fine print

Whilst price comparison websites will give you a great overview of the sim tethering deals available you’ll need to check the fine print when your arrive at any website when you’ve gone through the comparison website funnel. In particular you should check whether the data allowance details are correct and how long the contract is.

Checking your local and national newspapers

Whilst the internet can be a great source of information there are generally plenty of deals to be had through adverts found in newspapers. Check both your local and national newspapers to see what's on offer and how these compare with the deals online.

Are you looking for a handset?

Unless you’re in desperate need of a new handset (or if your handset isn’t the best for providing a fast internet connection) then you should consider staying with the handset you have. Contracts that provide brand new phones will always be far more expensive than those without, so purchasing your phones outright will almost always make financial sense.

Others factors to consider for tethering your sim

Data allowance

The main thing you’ll need to always bear in mind is the data allowance on your sim. Unless you have completely unlimited internet use you’re going to have to check periodically with your phone’s data to see how much you’ve used. You should also ask your provider directly to see when your data allowance is reset for the month.