Choose a Sim Card Only Deal That Suits You

There are hundreds of very tempting mobile phones deals currently on the UK market. Most of them are a combination of a mobile phone and a tariff. However, for many people, it’s only the sim card (calls, texts, data) that are interesting in those deals.

If you already own a handset that you love, there’s no reason why you should sat ‘good bye’ to it just for the reason of signing up to ‘the perfect sim card plan’. If you’re simply looking for a call, text & data package, then the best mobile phone deal is a Sim Only Deal.

Reasons Why You Should Go For a Sim Only Deal

Save money: With a sim only deal you’ll always pay less for the same amount of inclusive minutes, texts and data than a standard mobile phone contract as the cost of the phone itself is not included.

Keep your number: You can switch networks and deals and always keep your mobile phone number.

Waiting for a new mobile phone model: If you’re expecting a new release of your beloved brand, you can try a 30 day sim only deal so you can change whenever you need to. Naturally, a 24-month sim only deal will be a long period for you to commit but with a 12-month deal, you'll get even greater value for your money.

Keep the phone you already love: If your phone is doing the right job for you, you’ll most probably be unwilling to upgrade to a new one. We all know that it’s impossible to always catch up with the latest mobile phone releases. If it works for you, keep it and switch your contract to a sim only deal.

Cannot pass a credit check: The credit check conditions for a sim only deal are not as tough as for a mobile phone contract. If you’ve been unsuccessful with credit checks in the past, you should give sim only deals a try!

Someone can give away their old phone to you: Generous friends and family can sometimes give away their old phones and then all you need will be the perfect sim only deal.

Which Networks Offer Sim Only Deals?

Sim only deals are available from all the major mobile phone networks including:

• Three

• O2

• EE

• Orange

• GiffGaff

• Virgin Mobile

• Vodafone

Better off with a prepaid deal?

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a sim card only contract, then the option for you is sim only pay as you go deals.

3’s top payg sim only deal can buy you 500MB, 100 minutes and 3,000 texts for 30 days for as low as £10. Bonus: the sim card is free! All you need to do is go online and order it! It will arrive by post with 3 days.

With O2 for £11/mth on a 30-day rolling contract, you can buy 50 minutes, 100 O2 to O2 minutes, 100MB data and unlimited texts. Perfect for texters!

If you use the web a lot on you mobile phone, you’ll be better off with 4G sim card with 4G speed mobile internet from EE. Their cheapest sim only tariff is priced at £21/mth and buys you 500MB data and unlimited calls and texts.