Sim Free Phones

Choosing an affordable deal that will suit your budget and needs to make phone calls and send texts is usually bonded with lengthy contracts and a phone you might not even want or like. You can always choose a very good sim only contract deal or get a pay as you go sim card which is packed with superb extras.

Reasons to get a sim free phone

1. Flexible connection – you will not need to connect to a certain network. And if you have a few sim cards from different providers that you swap, you can use the same phone for each provider.

2. Money savers – they might be a bit more expensive when you are looking at prices to buy one but in the long run – the flexibility they offer will save you money. You can opt for cheap pay as you go or sim only tariffs and the combined cost of the handset and the plan will work out cheaper.

3. Sale price – a sim free phone will sell for more than a locked to some network handset. When you sell the few pounds more will still count towards your savings.

4. Going abroad – if you are going abroad you can use the phone with a sim card bought from a provider abroad to avoid huge roaming rates.

5. Applications – a sim free phone will not come preloaded with useless applications of a certain provider which will save you time removing them.

Where to buy your sim free phone from?

The best place to find a sim free phone is Carphone Warehouse. They have a great range of all manufacturers’ brands. The cheapest one is Samsung E1080 and costs just £14.95 and the most expensive one is the Apple iPhone 4S 64 Gb at £699. You can compare the phones’ features and read other users’ reviews which will make choosing easier. Once you buy it – the handset will be delivered free to you within 48 hours. They also offer many phone accessories which you can buy to enhance your phone.