We Compare the Cheapest UK SIM Only Contracts

One of the best types of mobile plans that you can consider getting is a contract SIM Only plan. Whether you are a heavy mobile phone user or a casual one, the chances are that you are not on the best deal possible and you may be massively overpaying. The days when SIM Only contracts were only cheaper for heavy users are gone.

With 100s of deals on the market picking the right one may seem like a nightmare. Our guide will show you how to get the cheapest contract plan and what you need to consider before doing that.

Top 5 Truths About SIM Only Contracts

» You are much more likely to get free data.

» You are not at risk to run out of credit at the worst possible moment.

» Top choice for heavy callers and texters.

» You can get a smartphone cheap.

» You can get rewards for being a loyal customer.

Deals at £7 per month

For those who want to keep their mobile phone costs low, there are SIM only plans out there starting from as low as £7 a month. You can get a cheap smartphone SIM only deal on Orange - with their Dolphin plan you buy 150 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB internet for £7 a month. The deal comes with a 12 month contract.

Deals at £8 per month

At the £8 a month price point, T-mobile are offering a good value SIM Only deal with 5,000 texts and 300 minutes, but no data inclusive. At the same price per month, you can get 250 texts and 50 minutes plus 100MB of mobile data from Vodafone. Both deals come with a 12 month contract.


Deals at £10 per month

Deals at the £10/month price level are available for those who use Internet on their smartphone on a regular basis. With Three you can get either 3,000 texts and 300 minutes for £10 a month on a 12-month contract or 3,000 texts and 100 minutes for £10 a month on an 1-month rolling contract. Both deals come with 1GB mobile data allowance inclusive.