Earn Cash: Sell Your Old Mobile To Recycling Companies

Looking to sell your used phone? Buy and sell mobile companies can be located within the web and can help you accomplish whatever you want to do with regards to mobile phones. With some thorough research and commitment to the task, you may find the best buy and sell mobile phone companies that cater to both in-store clients and online consumers.

Though they pretty much have the same quotes and services offered, efforts in researching for the best site can lead to surprising results. If you're currently on the hunt for such sites, here are some of the best and most reputable ones on the web.

Mazuma is our first option. Catering to clients within Australia and the UK, Mazuma Mobile is one of the most well established buy and sell companies to be found over the web. The company makes selling your mobile phone a breeze with a few simple steps to be followed as you browse the pages of their site. They also accommodate a wide range of mobile phone models, including most of the popularly used phone brands - LG, Blackberry, Siemens, Nokia, Sharp and Philips. Choosing the company can offer you several benefits. This includes great online quotes, wide network options, free postage fees, and only the handset and battery is required. Moreover, using the services of the company allow you to get payments on the same day as stated in the receipt with no further hassles on your part. The company also supports an environmental-friendly because thus it is ideal to opt for them if you are planning to recycle your mobile phone.


Another big player is WeBuy buys, sells and accepts donations and recycled electronics to turn into brand new products. The company is able to reduce the impact on the environment from harmful processes that are required to manufacture such items. The company sells and buys gaming products, including game consoles like PS2 and PS3, PC games and other portable gaming devices. They also deal with sellers and buyers of DVD products, computing devices, mobile phones, electronic gadgets and so on. The prices they pay for the product and the prices they sell the product are displayed on the bottom of the item making it easier to know if you are getting the best deal possible.

Envirofone is another possible buy and sell site to sell your mobile phone. As implied in their company's name, they focus their core operations on keeping carbon emissions to a minimum while providing consumers with great value deals that simply cannot be unmatched.

Bottom Line

Whatever option you choose, remember to shop around and compare! For instance, for a working iPhone 3GS 16GB you can get £80 at MazumaMobile, £93.06 at Envirofone, £94.42 at Cash4Phones or up to £132 at