QWERTY Mobile Phones

Tired of repeatedly pressing the same key when writing a text message? QWERTY mobile phones are great for those who have much to say. For the curious, the name comes from the order of the first six letters of the top row (QWERTY).

A Little History

Not so long ago there was only one phone with a QWERTY keyboard on the market and it was the Nokia communicator. A few years later it was Blackberry's turn and it was not long before almost all the smart phones on the market had a full keyboard. Since then the market has changed somewhat with the advent of the iPhone because rather than having a fixed QWERTY keyboard it created a visual one on the screen (but still a QWERTY) keyboard. Today all smart phones have some form of QWERTY keyboards.

Why Are QWERTY Keyboards Popular?

Their initial popularity was driven by the popularity of texting but now with smart phones it make email inputting, instant messaging, using Twitter and Facebook so much easier. Their popularity is mostly due to the fact that they provide users with a typing experience which is very much the same as to typing on a laptop or a computer.

What Types Of QWERTY Keyboard Mobile Phones Are There?

There are basically 3 types of QWERTY mobile phones:

« Bar Style Phones: These have no slides or any other moving parts and are most common among business users. They provide the full QWERTY keyboard as well as large screens, making them more easy to use; however they are big and sturdy and suffer from poor looks. Most popular examples include Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve. Blackberry Curve is available on O2 free from £20 a month and on Vodafone free from £20.50, to name but a few.

« Flip Style Phones: These look like normal mobile phones which can open up through a hinge and can be used like small laptops. They are very popular among younger users. However, these need a great deal of care due to their fragile and sensitive nature.

« Slide Out Keyboard Phones: These look smaller in size than the two above. They have large, colour screens and provide fast and comfort typing because they have extra space between keys. One very popular slide out QWERTY mobile phone is Nokia E7. You can have it on Three free from £30 a month or Pay-As-You-Go for £429.

UK providers And Costs

Vodafone, O2, Three, Orange and T-Mobie compete heavily for your custom. This competition has driven down the cost of both the price per call and the price of a handset. Even on the very cheap monthly contracts that these companies offer you can now get a smart phone (admittedly not the top of the range) for free. The Blackberry Curve remains the best and cheapest choice if you are on a budget looking for a QWERTY phone.

If you want to just pick up a phone without a contract then eBay remains a good aftermarket where many people go to sell their handsets after they have upgraded.