Privacy Policy

Looking after the privacy of our visitors is of the up most importance to us and this privacy policy outlines exactly what we can and cannot do with your data moving forward.

This website was designed to work without storing of any personal data from our visitors. To this end we will not ask any personal details such as name, address, email or date of birth.

However these details may be requested from third party websites that are linked from our site but are not bound by our privacy policy. Please be aware that this website uses third party affiliate links to monetise the traffic and we are not able to personally vet every link on the website. If you leave this website you will be bound by third party privacy polices so please make sure you read them before leaving any personal details with them. We suggest that you are very careful where you leave your details.

The only information we hold on our users is collected from our Web Server. The details recorded from the web server include IP Address, likely location, pages visited and for how long. Nearly every website on the internet records these stats however they cannot be tracked back to any one individual. Web server stats are more of an overview of visitors and will not be recorded if the user is browsing behind a firewall. This information allows us to get a better understanding of our visitors so that we can optimise the site and produce a better user experience for all. We will not use this data in any other way - just for our own statistics.

This website does not use cookies to track individuals browsing behaviour.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please email us at [email protected]