Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards Reviews & Comparison

Whether you are a really heavy mobile phone user spending countless hours on the phone talking or surfing or just an occasional phone user who makes just a few calls and sends a few texts a month, either way, a PAYG deal with any of the existing UK mobile network providers may suit you best. With this guide, we review and compare Pay As You Go SIM card offerings from 10 of the UK's mobile operators.

Vodafone has a range of Freedom Freebees which can give you 100 mins, 300 texts plus 50MB web access for £10, 200 mins, 600 texts plus 100MB web access for £15, 300 mins, 3,000 texts plus 500MB web access for £20, and the spectacular 500 mins, 3,000 texts plus 500MB web access for £30 a month.

O2 is another major network provider which offers SIM cards on a PAYG basis. You can choose between 5 different Pay&Go tariffs. The Text and Web one which costs £10 buys 300 UK texts, 500MB UK data and unlimited Wi-Fi. When you top up £15 and get their O2 unlimited PAYG plan, you can enjoy unlimited O2 to O2 UK calls and texts.

The Simplicity tariff gives you unlimited texts for £7.50 a month. If you own a Blackberry phone, choose the Text and Web for BlackBerry plan with up to 500 UK texts, 500MB UK data plus BlackBerry email and unlimited Wi-Fi when you top-up £15 a month. If you have family and friends based abroad, get the International Sim and call international mobiles and landlines from just 1p per minute.

Three charges charges a flat rate of 26p/minute, 11p/text and 11p/MB of Internet. To get cheapers rates, Three customers have to convert their credit into Add-ons and choose between Pay As You Go All You Can Eat £15 which buys 3000 texts and 300 minutes plus all-you-can-eat data or Pay As You Go £10 which buys 3000 texts and 100 minutes plus 500MB.

Giff Gaff is a Pay As You Go SIM Only network which is currently offering the best value for money on a PAYG basis. The coverage is decent as it runs on the O2 network.

A very good deal comes with Giff Gaff's £10 Goodybag which buys 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet.
Orange offers a range of PAYG "animal" tariffs. You'll get different freebies with each top-up depending on which animal you choose. On Monkey you get free music and texts, on Dolphin you get free internet and texts, on Canary - free calls and texts to any network, on Racoon - 14p per minute calls and 14p per text, and on Camel you get free international calling minutes.

You can easily get a free T-mobile PAYG SIM card by ordering it online. Top up £10 each month and choose from unlimited free UK texts, 100 free UK minutes, free international minutes or free BlackBerry services to use the following month. Top up £5 more and you can get free browsing and email, plus 500MB data for watching videos and downloading music.

Talkmobile from the Carphone Warehouse offers flat rate scheme which is easy and simple - calls 8p per minute, texts 4p per message, mobile internet 25p a day, half price calls and texts to Talkmobiles. Talkmobile Pay As You Go Essentials SIM Card can be ordered online in a few clicks.

Vectone Mobile charges 5p/min for UK landline calls, 10p/min for UK mobile calls, 10p per UK text message. You get 10MB free internet daily or you can buy an internet bundle - 50p for 125 MB which lasts for one day.

Lyca Mobile is a specialist international calls provider. Lycamobile offers calls to Europe from 1p/min and international calls from 4p/minute. Calls to UK phone numbers cost 10p/min and texts cost 10p. See full tariff information.

Lebara Mobile is another specialist international calls provider. Lebara offers international calls from as low as 1p/minute and 12p for an international text message depending on which country you're calling. Calls within the UK cost 10p/min and texts are charged at 12p each.