Buyer’s Guide to Pay As You Go Tariffs

Unlike contract sim card tariffs, Pay As You Go tariffs offer so much more flexibility and freedom to mobile phone users. With PAYG tariffs you can really change the mobile phone tariffs you’re on every month. You can switch tariffs, get new and different bundles and deals, you can switch providers, you can even sell you mobile phone and get a new one because it’s yours and you’ve paid for it!

The pay as you go market is very dynamic, but there is a way to always be ahead of the game. Be always up to date with the latest deals, shop around and choose wisely.

What’s the Deal?

The table below shows the standard PAYG tariffs of the major network operators in the UK. These are the tariffs you get when you top up your payg credit but without opting for any specific bundle or add-on.

10p/free to giffgaff
6p/free to giffgaff
20p a day (20p/MB if you go over 20MB)
11p/MB (free allowance of 150MB with every top-up)
£2 (Fair use of 25MB/day)
£1 per day (Fair use of 50MB/day)
£1 per day (Fair use of 25MB/day)
£1 a day (Fair use of 500MB/month)

Which network you’re going to choose depends entirely on what you want to use your PAYG sim card for and what their coverage in your area is.

Payg Tariffs – Advantages

• Perfect for under-18s and light users;

• You can choose to stay away from lengthy and costly sim card contracts;

• You can walk away any minute you don’t feel happy with your tariff;

• You can pay for what you use only;

• You can cut down your usage if you need to;

• Very cheap long-term;

• You can always upgrade to a contract sim card.

Get a PAYG Sim Card for Free

To access cheapest pay as you go rates you should either:

get/order online a free sim card and then pop it into an existing handset (it needs to be unlocked!)

pick up a PAYG handset with a sim card – deals can be had on most network operators from £25 to £500!

Is PAYG Always Cheapest?

Standard pay as you go tariffs are certainly the cheapest, but even cheapest calls, texts and mobile internet can be had with their bundles, add-ons, goodybags or whatever they call it. Some mobile network will even offer freebies when you top up by a certain amount (e.g. top up Three with a tenner and you get 150MB free mobile data).

Keep Your Number

If you want to take your existing mobile number with you, you can simply request a PAC code from your old mobile operator and provide it to your new one and you should have your number transferred in 2 working days.