A Buyer’s guide to the New Samsung Galaxy

When the original Samsung Galaxy was launched many critics dismissed it as a phone that would never take off due to its larger size as compared to its competitors. Some three years on however and this Smart Phone has gone from strength to strength and is now considered as a serious contender for the Smart Phone of choice. Here we’ve taken a look at the New Samsung Galaxy to see what it offers up; we also tell you about how you can get this cutting edge handset through a contract that is right for you.

What does the new Samsung Galaxy Offer?

The current Samsung Galaxy is the S5; this model was launched with some brand new features that many Smart Phone users welcomed. One key feature amongst these is that it is now dust and dirt resistant, with an overall more hardwearing design; the fact that Smart Phones were previously so fragile has been a major bug bear within the Smart Phone industry and so the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks set to be somewhat of a game changer.

Another completely new feature to the line of Samsung phones was the featuring of a fingertip scanner, which locks anyone else but you out of the handset.

Additionally features include a power saving mode, which shut down unnecessary features to conserve energy, as well as a HDR camera with some of the best specifications around.

How can you choose a contract for your new Samsung Galaxy?

The phone contracts of today - What to expect

Today the phone contracts that are available are generally all of 24 months, this then means that it’s vital that you choose a provider that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future.

Unlike some other Smart Phones however you can expect to pay little to nothing at all for the handset itself, with contracts such as these starting from around £35 a month. If you opt for a lower priced package however you should expect to pay anywhere up to and around £100.

Considering your usage

As with all Smart Phones the New Samsung Galaxy will always be updating and downloading data; as well as this we use the internet more than ever through our mobiles and so considering your data needs should be undertaken first and foremost, particularly as data often forms one of the most expensive parts of a contract.

For a 500MB contract you should expect packages to start at around £28; for 1GB this rises to approximately £30 and for the top end amount of data of around 10GB you’re then generally looking at around £39.

Does your usage change?

If your usage changes from month to month, or you expect it to in the future, then choosing a mobile operator that provides various add ons is a must. Such providers may offer text packages, or data bolt ons to boost your relatively low priced services.