A Buyer’s Guide to the new iPhone

The New iPhone has seen unprecedented sales and with more and more people upgrading every day to the largest iPhone ever it seems that sales don’t look set to slow down any time soon. For the consumer who is nearing the end of their phone contract there are plenty of options; in fact, so many are there that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the many different deals that each provider offers. Here we talk you through how you can choose the right phone contract for your new iPhone.

Phone contrast for the New iPhone – What to expect

Contracts generally start from around £25 a month for the new iPhone, however you may find some contracts that are slightly cheaper than this. The price for the actual handset can vary between providers, however the typical price that you should expect to pay stands at around the £99 mark. For contracts that are cheaper you will most likely pay more for the iPhone itself.

Lastly you should also expect any contract that you enter into to be around 24 months in length. There are very few providers who offer the previously more common 12 month option, so ensuring that you’ve chosen the right contract for your needs becomes ever more important.

Choosing a contract for your new iPhone

Using phone contract comparison websites

If you’re searching for the best deal on your new iPhone contract then using price comparison engines is a must. These websites are now more advanced than ever and incorporate ever major phone company going.

A key factor to bear in mind however is that you should fully establish your usage needs prior to visiting such websites. You should consider how many free minutes and texts they offer as well as looking at the various data packages that they may bundle into the contract. Given that iPhones are continually updated it is vital that you understand your internet usage, as running over this particular part of your allowance can see you hit with a variety of charges.

With all that said, there are the remote few phone companies who won’t be found on such websites and so calling providers directly is also advised.

Thinking about phone insurance

Given that there are now many additional options for consumers to insure their iPhone you needn’t worry too much about how much the phone provider’s insurance is. That said, you may find it more convenient to use a single provider for both the phone contract and insurance policy.

Free gifts – Are they worth it?

Many phone companies throw in a free gift as part of the package, these can range from free laptops to the latest hair straighteners. Whether they are worth anything depends on both the quality of the free gift as well as whether you’ll actually use the item or not. In short, you shouldn’t be blindsided by the free gift alone.