Detailed Guide to Nano Sim Cards

The latest phones on the market boast with better specifications and are sometimes better than your desktop computer. In order to fit great technologies in such small devices, they are fitted with mini versions of powerful processors and so are the sim cards.

You may have seen micro sim cards but the latest is the nano one.

Comparison to standard and micro sim cards

The nano sim card is thinner and smaller than any other sim card you have seen. Don’t be misled by the claims that you can simply cut an old style standard sim card to a nano one. The chip part is the same but the plastic bit around it is different. And that could cause a problem for your DIY nano sim card.


Measuring at just 12.3 x 8.8 mm, the nano sim card is estimated to be 30% smaller than the micro sim card. It’s also 15 % slimmer. It frees precious space for other mobile phone components. If not used up this space may help to make the mobile device thinner and lighter.


Despite of the difference in size – the nano sim card uses the same technology and same card chips as standard sim cards. The contact area has six contacts which makes it perfect for the latest technologies.


If you need to switch you sim card between phones – this can be easily done with the simple use of an adapter. It’s a plastic pocket in which you slide in the nano sim card and you will have a regular sim card ready to use in any mobile phone.

So that’s the future and we suggest you to grab your nano sim card now.

Phones with Nano Sim Cards

For the year 2012 the only phone known to be using a nano sim card is iPhone 5. If you are signing a contract with one of the providers you will surely be given the new nano sim card along with your new iPhone 5.

Nano Sim Only

Most of the UK providers have now added nano sims to their list of sim cards so once you’ve chosen a sim only plan that will suit you, make sure you tick that you want a nano sim card and you will be sent one. So far we know of Orange, Three and T-mobile offering the new formats. You will get the same offers as you would with any other sim only deal.

Take your time to compare all the offers online!


Last updated: June 2013