How To Buy The Perfect Mobile Phone For You

Mobile phones have been around for many years now. They went from something that a couple of people had to something that everyone had to have. During that time we have seen them evolve from large, bulky, and honestly ugly, pieces, to slim, sleek things of metallic beauty. With so many fantastic options and flashy eye candy, it is really difficult to decide which mobile phone fits best with you and your lifestyle. Here's what you need to know to get the mobile phone that is right for you.

First, Choose A Network Provider

Your starting point is to choose a network operator that offers good prices and provides the best coverage in your area. No matter how advanced your handset is, it's useless unless you have solid network coverage. Another thing to consider is which network your friends and family are using. Maybe you should choose the same and you can talk to them for free.

In the UK, for instance, Vodafone boasts 100% nationwide coverage. On the other hand, one of the latest providers on the market, 3 Mobile, is able to provide 3G network coverage to 98.9% of the UK population.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lifestyles play a large role in the type of mobile phones that people buy. For starters; almost everyone wants a good-looking phone. The important aspects to remember when buying for vanity is that you still keep within your spending limits. The best idea is to look for a colour that pleases you, a size that fits your general wants, and one that keeps in your price range. It sounds a bit difficult, trying to figure out the right mobile phone that fits your basic needs and wants, all for the right price and look, but it really isn't, just make sure to exercise a little self discipline, and go in knowing how much you can spend before starting your search.

Other Things To Consider

» Call Quality: You don't need a phone at all, if you can't use it to make calls effectively. Surprisingly, some of the most simple, entry-level phones offer the best call quality. On the other hand, who wouldn't want a smartphone? When choosing, be sure to make a few test calls.

» Design: When it comes to that, the choices range from slider phones to phones with huge touchscreens, from standard keyboard ones to full-QWERTY keyboards. Try to hold it in your hand and against your ear - is it comfortable?

» OS: Most likely you'll have to choose between Google's Android (found on many devices), iOS (found only on iPhone), BlackBerry OS (found only on BlackBerrys), and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.


Nowadays, you can get a mobile for anything between £10 and £1,000. The best way to avoid getting swindled into a higher priced mobile phone than what you can afford, or want to pay, is to choose a price that fits into your budget and then go in knowing your limits beforehand. This way you will know better than to even look at the higher priced phones, and can tell the sales person that you can't go above a certain price range. Then keep to the price range and under and look for what fits the rest of your wants and needs. It isn't so bad to be picky if you already have a set price to stick to.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for a mobile phone is that you know your limits and wants. Once you have all that established you can shop happily and worry free. Make sure to consider monthly charges and pricing as well.