Mobile Phones Recycling

If you’ve decided that it’s time you get yourself a new phone because your old one has become quite slow and sometimes even unresponsive, then you might be looking for a way to get rid of it. If you can’t make it a legacy to a friend or relative, you might be looking to sell it.

The easiest way is to recycle it to one of the many companies that will be happy to pay money in cash for your old handset. You won’t be getting a lot of money but you’ll be environmentally friendly.

Where to recycle your phone?

The best way to recycle your phone is doing this online. There are many websites where you can do it such as, and You will be asked for the phone’s model and you will be offered a price. This can vary a lot – from £10 to £210. It depends on the condition your phone is in, if it’s an older or a newer model, if it’s working at all and what battery is in it. Once you’ve found the price you’re willing to sell your phone for, go for it. After that you will be sent a prepaid envelope where you have to put the handset and sent it back. A few days after that you will be credited with the amount agreed.

What happens to your phone?

Most companies would at first try to resell your recycled mobile phone. It all depends on its condition though as if it’s not working then it may be broken into parts which can be reused or sold.

Another option that stands before mobile phone recycling companies is to send to developing countries for sale. Many people abroad would think as the latest piece of technology for your old mobile phone. They lead very different lives and believe it or not, phones are still considered a luxury in many parts of the world.

Another great benefit is that your mind will rest to piece that you’re not polluting the environment in any way and your phone will be disposed safely without causing any harm to the world.