Buying A Handset At Mobile Phone Shops: Pros & Cons

Advantages Of Mobile Phone Shops

There are many different types of mobiles phone available for purchase, and no shortage of venues to buy them from. From petrol stations to big-box stores to the Internet, it seems as though everyone is trying to sell you a phone and a service plan to go with it. So why buy from a specialty mobile phone shop? Several reasons:

« Mobile phone shops have the largest selection of products and mobile phone accessories for customers to choose among.

« Mobile phone shops allow customers to compare the features, as well as the prices, of the products they're thinking of owning.

« Mobile phone shops allow customers to evaluate products they may not be able to buy now, but definitely intend to buy in the future.

Types Of Mobile Phone Shops

Mobile phone shops can be found in storefronts all over town. Many are company stores, operated by a single company, 3 Mobile, for example, or T-Mobile, acting as a showcase for that particular company's connection services or phones. Others like the Phone Spot UK are boutiques with an assortment of products and services to choose from.

There are also numerous online mobile phone websites to shop, such as, and many of these have an even more impressive inventory than you may be able to find in their bricks and mortar equivalents. What's the downside to cyber phone purchase? There's no way to test the products you're considering acquiring, and customer service may be less than helpful here.

Services Available Through Mobile Phone Shops

Mobile phone shops can offer customers a variety of connectivity and mobile phone packages, as well as payment options that may not be available through other venues, choices like "Pay Monthly" and "Pay As You Go". Many times these stores develop special relationships with the UK's leading network providers like Orange Mobile Phone Network, Three Mobile Phone Network, Virgin Mobile Phone Network, O2 Mobile Phone Network and T-Mobile Network that enable them to pass along special offers and savings to their own retail customers.

Phone networks offer different degrees of connectivity in different parts of the UK. Your mobile phone shop customer agent can help you determine whether the service you're considering will suit your full connectivity needs. Your agent, in fact, will be able to answer all the questions you have about products and services, since he or she will be trained as experts in a variety of mobile plans and products.