Latest Mobile Phones – the latest ones on the market from Iphone, Samsung, Huawei and other big phone companies

Living in this modern world in the 21st century, it is very hard to be with the latest models of technologists because many new devices appear every single day. 2019 gave the beginning of various new trends such as folding phones, 5G, and many others which offer various sizes, colors, prices so it is really hard to pick from. Regarding the latest mobile phones, there are so many you can choose from on the market so it won’t be an easy task when buying a device and trying to make a great deal as for an example being careful about the price, the outlook, the battery life, and many other diverse factors. So we can offer the below guide along with the Top 10 phones in 2019 that will definitely help you to buy the best one for you.

As we’ve already mentioned the fact that there are many things to think about before taking a phone but honestly to say that the most important factors, which you need to bear in mind, are the value of the device, the design, how it is performing, easy of use and features. The price is also a thing which needs to be carefully considered because it could be between £600 and £800 but also could be over £1,000. On the other hand, you can be on a contract with a monthly fee may be around £30 or £50. Also, the operating system could be a question again but it’s more likely to say that there are only two main operating systems which deserve to talk about: iOS and Android. Moreover, it is important to consider whether the phone will be unlocked or on a contract. Just to say that buying a not locked phone, without a specific network, is always a better deal if you can afford it.

On the top of our classification will be the so-called device OnePlus 7 Pro which has unique design and an outstanding outlook. The first to notice will be the display, which stands out in almost every way that makes the smart-phone screen to look great. The 7 Pro is one of the latest full-screen phones where the selfie camera has been moved to a small slider that pops up when needed and retracts just as quickly. Anyway, the pictures are detailed, clear and look impressive. The dynamic range of the camera makes the colors even more colorful and brighter. The price varies, but we could say that it starts at £664. It is normal if that sum of money is a lot and it is more than you expected for OnePlus phone but you can be sure that it will bring you satisfaction and cover all your needs — the price will be justified for sure. The 4,000mAh battery life is very strong and the charging comes with USB-C (no support for wireless yet).

Let’s proceed with Xiaomi Mi 9 which is an extremely fast device, an incredible phone that offers the best unmissable price starting from £ 499.What's new with this phone is the fingerprint sensor on the display, Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 855 processor, 20W wireless charging, a larger screen, and a three-lens camera.

Xiaomi Mi 9Xiaomi is the best Chinese brand company which offers great smartphones on the market and underbids the global leaders. It has the newest and most handful processor which makes Mi 9 significantly fast and stable and it is really worth buying.

Google Pixel 3 has almost the same appearance as the Android but the difference here is coming from the screen, Google Pixel 3 has a larger screen indeed, and a great waterproof battery which can be charged wirelessly. All these outstanding features make the price little bit higher so the Pixel 3 smart-phone could be found with a price starting from £739. The design is unique with the new frosted glass back covering, which in turn carries wireless charging. It's still one of the best phones when it comes to photography, it's simple and efficient and makes everything very well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The best Galaxy phone ever is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with also one of the highest prices starting from £899. This is one of the most wonderful smart-phones nowadays, with outstanding design, display, and performance indeed. It has premium features among the rest phone leaders on the market but unfortunately, some of its disadvantages are the not so long battery life and its ultra-wide-angle camera.Anyway, there are many advantages e.g. the fact that S10 Plus has wireless charging but also and wireless power-share which means that your device could charge another one only putting the devices turned face-down. So as it has been expected, this is one of the best phones ever, which has the greatest stereo speakers with the best-designed display on the market and last but not least, the outstanding camera which allows you to make the most picturesque photos ever.

The other latest models could be found from many famous companies so here are some examples of the best-designed models: Iphone XS, Huawei P30 Pro, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Sony Xperia 1, OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Honor View 20, Phone XR. Of course, they all have higher prices so if you are not sure and ready to buy a new phone, you can just wait for the next generation of most modern devices which will soon appear in the upcoming 2020.