Iphone Pro Max

Along with the newly launched three Apples’ device at the beginning of September, we’d like to talk more about the most stylish, expensive and worth having it, the bigger Pro - iPhone 11 Pro Max. But we don’t have to accept the similarity as a negative feature. This Max model is something big, something new, that you’ve never seen and will put you to the max for sure.

Of course, the device will be available for shipping on 20th of September like the other two models. However, the pre-order date will be on Friday 13th so no more time for thinking! Price will be the highest one starting from £1,099 with 64 GB capacity and£1,499 for the biggest capacity storage model of 512 GB. So let’s take a deeper look at this Max device and share what are the advantages of buying such a product.

The first specification to mention is the bigger screen than the previous Pro display. Its precise and gentle curved corners makes the design even more amazing and eye-catching. The bigger 6.5 inches Super Retina XDR screen looks brighter at 1200nits, larger, more impressive and also supports HDR10 in event better depth. It gives you a great chance to observe everything in detail with the best resolution of 2688 x 1242. You can feel the larger screen at your hands and benefit from it since it is brighter and give you real view when you are browsing through the Internet, better resolution for movies and games. All these are important things you should consider and have on your smart-phone. The clarity and pureness are great features and you definitely should try it out. IPhone Max offers most of the features of the previous Pro model so it’s all up to the final client to decide which one to get. There is no doubt that the greater are the advantages, the bigger is the chance to buy the Max device than the previous model. The Max item has a glass back side and metallic curved edges. The OLED display remains the same as last year so you can be sure that the quality will be guaranteed i.e. pure images, the highest resolution and sharpness, color a contrast mixed in the best possible way in order to provide the best light and dark places of your images.

The same like iPhone Pro 11, the Max operation system is a great advantage as well. You will receive the best of iOS 13 again or even better since some main points have been updated here e.g. improved Face ID which secure your privacy, wider view of the front camera, the gaming faculty and all these main characterizations have been combined with the fastest A136 Bionic chip which is the powerful enough and graphical indeed. Regarding the battery life, we can say that is even larger than the Pro version since the Max device has 5 hours lifetime period per day. The 18W adapter and the powerful chipset are the main reasons for the fastest charging you can ever imagine. Another advantage here is the wireless charging option which makes the process more convenient for you since you won’t necessarily need a place where to put the Lightning cable in order to increase the percentage battery. If you buy Pro Max you will receive these 5 hours extra battery life - something that every company has always dreamed of so it is surely worth having such a device.

As we’ve already mentioned, at the very beginning of this article, the device’s internal storage is separated into three types. So, you can choose from 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. It’s not a cheap deal for sure since most of the plans starts from £70 per month regarding the 64 GB option. The unlimited option is also a variant to consider as for example, the 256 GB model, has endless data and no other taxes only for £89 a month. The biggest storage capacity model i.e. the 512 GB device could be found at least for £99 per month if you don’t have a big sum of money in cash and would like to pay deferred.

Buying this iPhone you will receive not only the perfect combination between power, design and performance, but only a really light smart-phone that will definitely ease your love - it’s weight is only 226g. Of course, the great news does not stop here. Choosing to sing the bargain contract will provide you not only the Pro Max device, but also some extra accessories e.g. 18 W USB Power adapter, EarPods with Lightning Connector, US to Lightning Cable, full documentation packet, etc.

So, if you are a modern person, who always follows the latest trends and is eager to get the latest iPhone device, there’s no more time for thinking - just go to the nearest mobile shop and get this unique iPhone 11 Pro Max. It will satisfy all your needs and make you feel comfortable enough to make your things and work using this one and only great Pro Max smart-phone.