A full guide for the savvy consumer on the iphone 6

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone has been around for in excess of a decade, but this it has and there’s no doubt that it has been the most influential piece of technology in recent decades. At the time of writing this guide the iPhone 6 was being highly anticipated and rumours surrounding the official launch date were being bandied around technology blogs and news websites.

This guide therefore deals with the all important question of how one makes a saving on the iPhone 6 and what other considerations should be thought about when choosing this, as yet unveiled, handset.

Grabbing a bargain on your iPhone 6

As with any mobile handset, the cost of it will decrease in time. However, iPhones are infamous for holding onto their value and today iPhone 4s can still fetch as much as £200 on popular auction websites. This then means that there may only be a slight saving on waiting for the price of the handset to decrease (although it is undoubtedly preferable to do so if you can).

The following tips are for those consumers who don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to receive their shiny new iPhone 6.

Shop around for phone contracts

Phone contract companies are currently offering the iPhone 6 on pre order with new contracts. This may seem like an ideal way of order the iPhone 6, however you must still ensure that you’ve undertaken thorough research as to how the various deals compare, and what contract is most suitable for you.

You additionally need to be aware that you’ll still be required to make a significant contribution towards the costs of the handset.

Buying outright from a retailer

If you have a solid understanding of your phone usage and you know that the 24 month contract of a phone will eclipse the outright cost of the iPhone 6 then purchasing directly from a retailer is the wisest choice.

Selling off your old Smartphone

If you have an old Smartphone then you can at least have a small deposit to put towards your new handset.

Trying your luck with competitions

If you’re feeling lucky then it may well be worth seeking out iPhone 6 competitions to chance your luck. You never know… you could receive the iPhone 6 for free!

Other considerations in relation to the iPhone 6

Taking out insurance

Previous iPhones have suffered from frequent breakages due to an issue that would shatter the screen if dropped from even a low height. As well as this they often serve as a target for thieves, so taking out insurance is highly advisable when purchasing any iPhone, let alone the latest model.