A essential guide to the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus was launched with a hype of media activity, with rumours swirling for months about the possibility of an Apple Watch. At launch it seems that the rumours regarding the Apple Watch came into fruition and with it came an iPhone that was bigger and more advanced than ever. However, whilst this model marked a significant advancement for Apple there was, of course, an associated leap in price tags.

Luckily for consumers who are looking to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus at a knock down price we have some essential tips when it comes to bagging a bargain.

Making a saving when purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus

Choosing a phone contract

If you’re looking for the most significant saving on the handset itself then the only option is to take out a phone contract. These contracts (which are all of 24 months in length) offer the iPhone 6 Plus at a starting price of £99. You can search out the most suitable contract for you by using price comparison engines, where you can whittle down providers by the amount of free minutes, texts and browsing data on offer.

An additional tip if you’re looking into this is to wait for a few months until the handset becomes more readily available to phone companies. This also allows for more providers to get in on the iPhone 6 Plus action, as currently not all providers are offering it amongst their deals.

Alternatives to taking out a phone contract

There are alternatives to signing up for a phone contract if you really want to purchase the handset outright. That said, the following methods will only cut down the price so far, as iPhones are well known to retain much of their original value.

- Purchase second hand, either through an auction website or online notice board.

- Wait for the price of the handset to fall (particular dates for this will be in January, during the post-Christmas sales).

- Use Google Shopping to hunt down the cheapest retailer.

Thinking about purchasing the Apple watch?

The Apple Watch won’t be readily available for consumers until early 2015. This in itself may give the iPhone 6 Plus a little time to cool down in terms of the purchase price when buying outright. However, you may also want to await the launch of this gadget to see if Apple offer a deal on purchasing both together.

What will the Apple Watch do?

The Apple Watch is going to be particularly beneficial for owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, however it is also promises much for the owner of the previous iPads. In short, this upcoming must have gadget will act as a practical mobile notification unit, informing you of calls and texts and additionally serving as a mini sat nav.

How much will the Apple Watch cost?

If you’re planning on purchasing the watch on its own then you’re most likely looking at a price tag of £250+; the price hasn’t actually been confirmed as yet, however industry experts are each predicting a cost that is around this figure.