Iphone 11

You will definitely love it at first sight! This is the newest iPhone which will be soon available and there is no way to miss it. Apple has already exposed to the public the three brand new smart-phones at once but the real pre-order of iPhone 11 will be on 13th of September. The release date will be after a week so you can expect to see the best iPhone ever in the shops on 20th of September. So let’s have a deeper look at this unique device - the great iPhone 11.

To start with the reason why you need to have such a device at your hands. Its features are incredible, the outlook is amazing and it is a very stylish phone indeed. The design cannot be compared to any other smart phone since you can buy it in various colors such as purple (the new one), red, black, yellow, green, white, etc. The fresh diversity of colors will definitely attract your attention and keep your eyes on the iPhone 11 for sure. Another advantage to mention here is the battery life which is longer than previous devices. For instance, we could say that the battery life is an hour longer than iPhone XR. The strong processor, A13 Bionic (the fastest chip ever created in a phone), will certainly provide you faster productivity and functional usage.

But let’s share to the wide public what is the most impressing feature of the iPhone 11 which makes this smart-phone a unique invention. So here comes the first place, taken by its software and exceptional camera. Moreover, not only one, but two cameras can be found on the back side of this iPhone 11. The most interesting part comes here - you can tap on the screen and the camera will switch to the other side. The so-called dual camera system has lenses with 12 megapixels resolution which provides the feeling for ultra-wide view. Photos are stunning and the Portrait mode is one in a million because of the better lightning settings which create a charming effect. Smart HDR is the next-generation smart machine learning which will differs the shot and decide which will be the best shadows and highlights for your pictures. You will receive a natural images, stunning background and unforgettable sunsets.

Also, don’t miss the fact that the night mode is worthy trying it since all the photos you take with the camera in the dark will be almost great as the one you snap during the day. Only turn on the Night function and you will notice the difference because you will receive the best low-light photos ever in your life. A flash is not necessary because the mode will appear only when it is necessary and the pictures you have will be colorful and bright enough. Another plus is the 2x optical zoom that will bring you the satisfaction when you need to shoot something that is far away. We all know that ‘selfies’ are really important nowadays so that’s why the iPhone 11 will be perfect for your personal photos. Something new appeared on the horizon and this is the so-called “slofie” which means that you will have your selfies in a slow motion i.e. at 120 fps. The front camera has 12 megapixel TrueDepth resolution and 4K video for both cameras. Your videos could be taken faster than ever because of the QuickTake. The machine learning could be used here as well by automatically shooting a moving people or subjects.

The iPhone 11 has doubled the profundity of iPhone Xr which means that the new 11 device can be submerged into water up to 2 meter and this won’t harm anything on it. The smart-phone is water-resistant and could survive in this depth around 30 minutes. The device has many other advantages and features that you will definitely fall in love with e.g. faster Wi-Fi which enables downloading faster than ever; your charger will be with an

18W and after 30 minutes your battery will be up to 50% full (cable-free charging is available as well), the sound will be incomparable and will spread around your in 3D space, dual SIM cars, 4G LTE Advances which will provide the best roaming all around the world, etc.

On the other hand, iPhone consumers may be a little disappointed with the fact no 5G is offered, and we are supposed to wait at least a year before the appearance of 5G net support. No matter of this small negative feature, we could say that the above- presented advantages are more than the bad thing with iPhone 11. Of course, the price question always occur at some point before finalizing the bargain. The price depends on the storage capacity which could be offered in three types: 64 GB, 128 GB and 512 GB. So, this great iPhone 11 (64 GB) can be found with the starting price for £729 (without taxes only £608).

Apple is creating a new history with the upcoming iPhone 11 which every one of us expects to see soon in the marketplaces. Using this latest Apple’s device, your life will become easier, more practical and organized because of the faster process system, the shortcuts and the tactile touch launched by this company.