International Calling Cards

If you have to make international calls regularly for some reason you might be looking for ways to reduce your costs. Calling cards will help you do so when you have to dial certain landline or mobile numbers abroad. They will often offer the cheapest way on the market for call abroad. The international calling cards offer the convenience calling abroad from any phone – mobile or landline – in the UK to any phone abroad at much lower rates than you would usually get from your phone provider.

Where to find international calling cards?

Online – Google is the great search engine many of us rely on to receive answers for many questions. It’s very easy if you just type in “international calling cards” and you will see many companies boasting to offer the best ones. We have reviewed many of the suppliers and have narrowed down your choice.

We recommend you to visit They offer amazingly low rates to many countries – from 0.6 p for calls made to USA landlines and mobiles. All you have to do is load credit on your phone, then once you dial the access number you can call anywhere in the world and benefit from their low prices.

Another good provider is They use the same scheme as but some of their rates are slightly lower. We recommend that you compare the rates before you opt for any of the providers.

If you are still not sure which one of the providers listed above to go for – have a look as well at They offer discount calling rates to a great number of countries. You have to dial a local number through which you will be able to get connected to the person you’re calling abroad.

Offline – there are many shops that offer international calling cards. Read the back of the card to see the terms of use and what rates to expect as some of them might be a rip off.


1. Make a good research before choosing which calling card to go for. It must suit your needs best – offer good quality calls at affordable rates.

2. If you need to dial an access number before you start calling internationally make sure you use your landline for 0800 numbers or your mobile phone’s free minutes if you dial 020 numbers.

3. You will usually receive notifications of how many remaining minutes you have but if you don’t – keep a track of it.

4. Watch out for hidden fees – check the terms and fine print of each card to see what fees apply.

5. Billing increment – this is very important to look out for because you might end paying over the odds for shorter calls. If you usually make shorter calls – up to 10 minutes pick up a card with 1 minute billing increment. If you talk longer than that – go for 3 minute cards. Cards with shorter than 1 minute billing increment are not cost effective.

6. Buy the calling card online – it’s much easier to compare cards.

If you’ve read through our guide, we’re sure you’re now more clear on the international calling cards subject and we believe it will be easier for you to make the right choice.