Our Guide To GPS-Enabled Mobile Phones

GPS-enabled mobile phones have been around for a few years now, but for a lot of people their purpose isn't that clear. At the same time, the GPS technology once limited to a few special devices is now becoming a standard for latest smartphones. What to look for? And how can you get the best GPS-enabled phone for your money? Read on for a few useful tips.

What Is A GPS-Enabled Phone?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. In simple terms it is a tracking mechanism that can pinpoint a person' position on the face of the earth using satellites, GPS transmitters and receivers. Originally developed for US military and intelligence purposes, GPS has now found extensive use in civilian fields like tracking automobiles, people, and consignments over water, etc. Basically, GPS mobile phones have built-in GPS which turns your mobile into a powerful SatNav for anything from route planning to finding your nearest cash dispenser!

What To Look For?

There are many manufacturers in the market which are offering mobile phones with this feature preloaded in it. Some of them are Nokia N95 (the first mobile with built-in GPS back in 2007), and then latest Nokia models, HTC, Apple iPhone and many more. A GPS-enabled mobile will help you never get lost again. It's particularly good for people who have a habit of forgetting directions and roads.

What Is The Cost?

GPS enabled mobile phones do not come cheap so before buying them one needs to ask the question if it is really necessary to invest in a GPS mobile phone. The cost will depend on the functions you want included on the phone and, more particularly, on which network provider you plan to use it. An Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, for example, sells at prices starting from £499 at the Apple's online store.

One should weigh the pros and cons of a GPS mobile and only when it is absolutely certain that a GPS mobile is necessary should one opt to buy it. After buying such a phone one needs to ensure that the service provider and the mobile plan are capable of supporting data for GPS tracking. Most of the smart phones have GPS capability but it is always better to ask.