Hunting for the right free nano SIM deal

Even when free, one has to make choices. If for the mere purpose that there are quite a few "free" alternatives to choose from. The case with free nano SIM cards is no different and it entails selecting the right combination of calls, texts and Internet. Often times, it takes a painstaking effort to inspect your mobile phone-related habits, namely figuring out your average consumption of calls, texts and mobile Internet.

It gets all the more difficult when you buy a brand new phone, especially a smartphone. Then you have to add to the analysis a forward-looking estimate of the increase in consumption over the itch to explore your new functionalities with a good "surf", chit-chat and video. Proud owners of iPhone 4 and 5, as well as iPads surely fall into that category.

Nano means more items to check

As the number of functionalities grows, so does the number of items you need to inspect. For example for some time, a point of differentiation is not only distance or time of the day and week but also whether it is video-enabled or not. Now that smartphones offer both, you need to check and decide whether either rates are good enough for you. Ensure that you have seen all novelties and have inspected the tariffs you will be charged to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

iPhone or iPad

When getting a plan for your SIM gift, do not forget to strike calls and texting out of your plan if the SIM card is planned to serve your iPad. This device is yet to support either so all you need is to compare and contrast the parameters of mobile data, namely how many MB/GB are at maximum and lower speed, is some data served free of charge, etc.

Giffgaff, the top-up low-rate specialist, can provide you with a free nano SIM for a mere £10. That package can earn you unlimited UK texts, 1 GB of Internet, 500 minutes and talk as much as you can to Giffgaff peers.

O2 can give you a SIM for as little as £8 a month; however, do not shun a profound check of the remainder of the plans since many of them are quite a good bargain.

With 3, it is as easy to get a free nano SIM card as one-two-three. 1 penny costs a MB of data, 2 pence you pay per text and 3 pence for a minute of calls. Start your journey with 3 today!