How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone For Emailing

Modern phones function much like personal computers. These devices contain a host of features and applications, enabling the user to stay connected while on the go almost all the time and almost anywhere. One feature that comes included in many modern phones is email. Whether you are looking for a high-tech smart phone, or a standard mobile phone, most of these devices will come with an email feature. And most UK mobile retailers, such as O2, CarPhoneWarehouse and Orange, all offer myriad choices of phones with email. Before you hit the web store, however, read our guide and do shop around before you buy.

Entry-Level Mobile Phones With Email

There are many kinds of phones on the market with an email feature, and these phones vary in price. One inexpensive option is a standard entry-level mobile phone with email. Many UK retailers, such as T-Mobile, offer standard mobile phones with email at very low-prices, many times less than ten pounds. However, these phones often don't come equipped with a full QWERTY keypad, making the process of composing text on the phone cumbersome. Remember to look for a mobile with full keyboard if you do a lot of emailing or text messaging!

Email Smartphones As A Better Option

For something a little more user-friendly, there is always the smartphone option. Smartphones are the ideal choice for those looking to use their phone as full communication hub, as they typically support multiple email accounts, including corporate email. This makes it easy to not only communicate with friends and family via email, but manage your workload while on the go. Many smartphones come with either a touch-screen interface or a full QWERTY keypad, which makes email composition a breeze.

For those looking for an email smartphone with a touch-screen, there is the Android, iPhone and everyone else. Android is a Google's operating system for mobile devices and is found in various smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy. These phones also support multiple features besides email, such as web browsing. They come in a great range of prices and may cost anything between £80 and £480. For instance, the mobile network Orange offers a solution for heavy email users called Mobile Mail which is supported by their Android phones.

The iPhone is popular with those who are steeped in the Mac world. The iPhone is easily compatible with Mac computers and features a user-friendly touch-screen interface as well. The iPhone's simple design makes it popular with those who aren't exactly tech savvy, but want to surf the net, listen to music, use apps and send and receive emails easily. The best iPhone deal on the market now comes from Three and it includes all-you-can-eat data, 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts for £34 a month with £49 upfront cost.

BlackBerry is also an option. While some BlackBerrys come with a touch-screen interface, many come with a QWERTY keypad, which some people prefer to a touch-screen because of the raised keys. All BlackBerry plans come with an email feature that can also be synced with your work email. This makes BlackBerrys popular among those who conduct a lot of business from their phones. O2 offers Blackberry Curve for business use for £13.50 a month with 24-month contract.