Dual SIM Mobile Phones Explained

Tired of removing the back cover of your mobile, as well as the battery, to switch SIM cards? In this review, we'll guide through the pros and cons of Dual SIM phones to help you decide if they're right for your needs.

Dual SIM Phones Explained

Dual SIM is a mobile phone having two different SIM cards in a single handset simultaneously. Dual SIMs were first introduced by Chinese phone manufacturers. Leading international brands were however slow in catching up in this segment and dual SIM handsets are still rarer than the standard ones.

In dual SIM mobiles one handset can hold two different SIM cards. These two SIM cards can be of the same service provider or from a different service provider. They both can be GSM or CDMA or a combination of GSM and CDMA. Dual SIM can work on two concepts. In the first type there are two CPUs in the handset that work independently of each other and with a simple selection of a button can alternate between the two SIMs. Technically both SIMs are active simultaneously. In the other type there is only one CPU for both the SIMs.

Dual SIM Phones & Savings

Dual SIM mobile phones are used primarily for coverage. Certain service providers have weak signals in certain areas. In those same areas other service providers might have a strong signal. In order to enjoy uninterrupted services people choose Dual SIM.

From an economic point of view also dual SIM makes sense. Users can keep two SIMs from two different service providers and enjoy the lowest cost services from both the plans.

Carrying a dual SIM phone is also convenient as people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Especially if one number is company provided. You may, for instance, use one SIM card for work calls only and reserve the other one for friends, family members and everyone else.

If you travel abroad a lot, you can really benefit from a dual SIM phone by using a SIM from a foreign network in your mobile and enjoy local calls for cheaper rates while family and friends in the UK will still be in touch with you.

Dual SIMs make lives much easier and spares the user from changing SIM cards every now and then. Nowadays almost all major mobile phone manufacturers have dual SIM models in the market. The price of a dual SIM mobile phone is comparatively less as compared to buying two separate phones. It makes more sense to buy a Dual SIM phone rather than two separate single SIM mobile phones.

Almost all major manufacturers like Nokia, Eriksson, Sony, Samsung have now come out with Dual SIM models. One can get regular Dual SIM mobile phones at very affordable prices between £50 to £150. Best deals can be found if you shop around websites. In general, the higher end, the phones cost more.