How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone Deal: Get The Best Mobile Contract

When you sign up with a new mobile phone contract you are basically buying two items, the mobile phone you choose and the texts, network minutes and/or data allowance you get with it. You usually get either a 'free' mobile or an attractive discount on the full cost of a mobile. But keep in mind nothing is actually free - you're still paying for it somehow. With the most appealing contracts running around 24 months, your next choice could be with you for a long time so it's worth making sure you spend your money wisely. We've tried to put together a comprehensive list of tips on how to choose the best mobile phone deal.

Our promise is that we do not favour any particular manufacturer, website or retailer and we offer you a completely impartial review. Our goal is help you find the best deal on pay-monthly mobile phone contracts available online by giving you a few tips on what

Is A Pay-Monthly Contract The Right Option For You?

As a general rule, if you spend over £10 per month on calls, texts and data, then you'll get better value from a pay monthly contract than a pay as you go deal. Once you've realized that you'd better go for a contract, the next factor you need to consider is the contact length. As a rough guide, you can save around £10 per month by opting for a 24-month contract, rather than a shorter 12-month contract. Choose carefully the handset that comes with the contract because 24 months is a long time in the world of hi-tech gadgets.

Has Your Current Mobile Phone Contract Expired?

If your current pay monthly contract has not expired and you decide to switch to another mobile operator, you may face a financial penalty. In such case, we recommend that you try to find a cheaper tariff through your existing provider. However, if your mobile contract expires, you're free to move to a new deal with a new mobile service provider and you can keep your number as well!

Do You Really Need A New Handset?

If you'd like a new handset either ask your current provider to upgrade your mobile or move to another network where as a new customer you may be offered a mobile free of charge. Either way, you'll be committing to a new 1 or 2-year mobile contract.

Which Deal Should I Choose?

It is in fact hard to choose a provider because now each network on the UK market provides a very similar service. Vodafone promises 100% UK coverage but even new providers such as Three guarantee more than 98.9%. We recommend that you first choose the handset model and then shop around. For example, if you want the new iPhone 4S 16GB, you can get it free or for a small upfront cost with a 24-month contract for £41 per month from Vodafone, £46 per month from O2, £41 from Orange and £34 from Three. Each of these deals comes with a completely different package of minutes, texts and data allowance and only Three offers all-you-can-eat data.