Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bills : Get Cheap SIM Cards!

Are you looking for cheap SIM cards in the UK? Great news then, nowadays Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards are not only cheap to use but you can get one for FREE! There are actually many options for getting cheap SIM cards. If you choose wisely, you can get unlimited texts, free Skype calls, cheap calls and even 2for1 cinema tickets.

Cheap Data

Giff Gaff is by far the cheapest if you're looking for web as all its goodybags over £10 include unlimited data. You can get a free Giff Gaff SIM card by ordering it at - it should with you within 7 days. Once you have it, activate it online and top up by at least £10.

However, if you need a new handset, Giff Gaff may not be the wise choice because it is a SIM only provider. If you already have a mobile but it is locked to another network, you will have to have it unlocked. Alternatively, buy a super cheap LG GB102 for £10 direct from O2.

Cheat Data & Totally Free Skype

You can get unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calls and access to Windows Messenger for life without even topping up or using your data allowance on Three Mobile. Remember that you must download the software direct from Three and have a compatible 3G handset.

If you handset is not compatible, you can still use their add-ons with other 3G mobiles. With every £10 top-up you get 3000 texts, 100 minutes and 500MB plus unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calls and access to Windows Messenger.

Cheapest For High Users

Giff Gaff is also by far the cheapest if you use your mobile a lot but can't get or don't want a contract. You get 1,500 inclusive minutes, unlimited inclusive web and unlimited inclusive texts per month when you buy the £25 Giff Gaff goodybag. Even better no credit check is required.

Cheap Texts

O2 offers unlimited texts for £7.50 per month when you opt into their Simplicity tariff. Or even cheaper you can get 5,000 texts for £5 with Tesco or unlimited texts with every Giff Gaff's £5 goodybag.

Cheap For Cinema Lovers

It's quite simple really. Just buy a £1 PAYG SIM from Orange, pop it in your phone instead of your existing SIM, then text Film to 241 or call 241, it'll then send you a message (for which you pay 35p/text) which you show the box office to get the deal.

The great thing about sim cards is that you can use them when you go abroad as well. If you are visiting Europe or America you do not get roaming services but you can just buy a local SIM card from the airport and use it for the duration of your stay. A little research beforehand and you can find out what the cheapest prepaid SIM services are so that you do not overpay.