Turn Your Old Mobile Phone Into Cash: Recycle!

There could be many reasons for selling old mobile phones. Few of the most common reasons are availability of newer models with the latest features in the market which makes the current models obsolete, receiving a new phone as a gift making the old one useless, damage to the phone accidentally or due to regular use, resulting in few or all features of the mobile being rendered unusable. Whatever the reason, one can always sell old mobiles and get some cash in exchange.

Who Buys Old Mobiles?

One way of selling old mobile phones is to sell them to high street retailers. One can instantly get cash for selling old phones. The price that one would get depends upon retailer's evaluation and whether the phone is in working condition or not and whether there is any external or internal damage to the phone.

Another option is to sell it to online companies that buy old phones for cash in return such as such as and Mobile recycling sites are becoming increasingly popular and selling your old mobile phone turns into an unbelievably easy process. They will give you a price based on the model and condition of your mobile. Remember to fill in all details in their online forms! Some websites can even offer up to 90% of the value of your old mobile. Once you accept the offer, you will have to send the switched off handset (take out the SIM card!) to them. Remember to keep your personal information safe by using the 'return to factory settings' option.

The value of handsets varies significantly across the Internet. Your old mobile could be worth anything from £10 to £100 so remember to shop around. Another good idea to make sure you get the best deal is to check mobile phone recycling comparison sites such as first.

Although it is a lengthy procedure and sometimes might take a few weeks before you can get cash in hand for the sale, online mobiles recycling allows you to get cash for an old handset without leaving the comfort of your home!

What Do Companies Do With Old Mobiles?

If the old mobiles are in working condition, retailers collect them and send them back to their manufacturers or dealers who in turn refurbish them for reselling in the Far East. Old mobiles do fetch good values in these areas. If the old mobile is fully damaged and totally worthless, they might recycle it in an eco friendly way.

If the old mobile is of high value and in working condition, they can also put it up for resale on eBay or similar websites which you can do yourself as well.