Buyers' Guide: Business Mobile Phones

Do you send a lot of emails?

If the answer to this is yes then you should consider a BlackBerry. They are still the best and the cheapest for sending email thanks to Blackberries propriety push email system. The reliability of their email system is excellent and because of the way it compresses data, it uses little data is therefore cheap to use, particularly when you are abroad when you are on a business trip.

Our Choice: BlackBerry Bold 9790


The iPhone is increasingly popular as a business phone and they are indeed an excellent option. However, please bear in mind that they quite fragile especially if dropped you will have a very expensive to replace flat screen. The one major thing they have in their favour is the huge selection of business apps available. Such apps, for example, an expense management app or a 'to-do' list app can greatly improve productivity and allow you to do boring tasks while stuck on a train or in the airport.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This phone is the new kid on the block and is a real rival if you are looking for a similar but alternative to the iPhone.

Again phones with large screens are essentially more fragile but their big advantage again is the number of business related apps.

The phone is only half the decision?

Deciding which phone to buy is the interesting and the nice part of the purchase. However, the contract you buy is arguably even more important. You must take advantage of the offers available of the time. You must not choose on the spur of the moment. You will most likely be on a 24 month contract that means that you do not want to make the wrong choice. Buy a package that will best fit you organisation.

Generally speaking the order of importance is as follows:

1. Number of Call Minutes

2. Data Package (for emails and browsing)

3. Roaming Charges

4. International calling

5. Battery life of the phone itself

Vodafone and O2 are the most popular networks that are chosen by businesses. This is because these two networks are seen to be the most reliable in terms of bandwidth and coverage. This is particularly true for 3G data services. However, they are not the only choice and many third party companies, such as 'Car Phone Warehouse' now offer a great comparison service to help you match prices.


Push email - means your emails are instantly delivered to your phone.

Business mobile phones are not just for major corporations. Small companies of just a few companies can take advantage of the deals available.

If you decide on an iPhone we recommend you wait until the end of the year when the iPhone 5 will be released.

Always buy all your company phones on the same network. Calls to the same network are cheaper.