Big Button Mobiles

The need of mobile phones has spread though all generations from first grade pupils to seniors. While younger users would prefer the latest technology phones with touch screens and superb extras, the elder users prefer big buttons so it’s easier for them to use the phones. It’s not only the larger buttons that are attractive for seniors but also the easy menus that this type of mobile phones comes with.

Big Button Mobiles features

- Big buttons – of course this is the main feature on this type of phones – big numbers and buttons (usually 1 each) for easier pressing and to avoid confusion with other buttons.

- Large print instructions – big button mobiles usually come with large print instructions so it’s easier for the users to set up the phone and work with it.

- SOS button and functions – these mobiles have a dedicated SOS function which is activated with the press of a button. With this function you can speed dial for emergency help up to 5 numbers or activates a loud alarm and sends a text message to preset numbers. This feature is accessible with the press of a big button which is on the back of the phone. Check for this before you but the phone.

- High volume – up to 110 decibel. It ranges between different models so check before you buy if you need a louder phone.

- Simple interface – considering the users of big button mobiles are usually elderly people not really familiar with technologies, the interface is very simple and easy to use. The main functions of making and answering a call are easy accessible with the touch of one button for each function. Some phones have an extra feature for sending texts but that’s also quite simplified.

- Large fonts – fonts are bigger as well so it’s easy for the users to read what’s on the screen.

- Long standby time – big button mobiles have longer standby time because the battery is not used by background running programmes as it is on the other phones.

- Flashlight – these mobiles usually have a built in LED which can be used as a torch in darker places.

- Sim free – big button mobiles usually come sim free.

Big button mobile handsets

One of the most recommended handsets is Doro PhoneEasy 410 or 610 which you can find at CarphoneWarehouse or on Amazon. It’s a flip phone with very stylish design and large separated buttons. It has a vibrating ringer as well so if you don’t hear it – you will feel it. It costs £84.99 at the moment on Amazon and if you want to sign up a contract – visit Carphone Warehouse – it’s free on £10.50/month contract with Orange.

For more models of big button mobiles visit also Lloydspharmacy where you can find such a phone for as low as £29.99.