About Us

Our team is here to help on all your struggles with finding the right mobile phone contract or sim card deal. It is difficult we agree, that’s why we decided to start our little blog in help to all of you who need to save money and get a good balance between the money they are paying and the minutes, texts and internet they are getting.

I am Simon Smith, the main contributor to the SimcardsOffers.co.uk website. I had to find myself a deal without a phone and a binding contract so I searched for sim cards only offers. There was a huge range of providers and it was very difficult to choose. I found the right balance and I decided to share my experience and knowledge with other people. You have to be very careful with signing contracts and that’s what I managed to avoid. I will always find a good deal comparing providers and their offers.

My sister – Rosy, is helping with the contracting part for mobile phones. She’s been a solicitor for 10 years now and has good experience and background with unlawful charges and ridiculous contracts. She’ll always advise you to read through the whole contract so that you know exactly what you are signing for. If you feel like you’re ripped off – she’ll be happy to help to justify your concerns and advise you on how to act with your provider.

Whether you choose a prepaid sim card only, a mobile phone with a contract or a sim only contract, we’ll make sure you’ll get the best deal here. Considering the type of user you are – we will balance out and offer you exactly what you need.#

If you feel like we haven’t responded to your requirements – we’ll be happy to hear from you – email us at [email protected] . We’d love to keep the connection between you and us open so that we can be flexible and respond to all your needs.

We update the blog on a daily basis, so if you haven’t found your deal today – you may find it tomorrow.

Simon & Rosy