Buyer’s Guide to 4G Mobile Service: What You Need To Know

Smartphones and mobile internet access took a huge step recently with the announcement of the new 4g mobile service. This is exciting new for smartphone users as the mobile network EE (Everything Everywhere), which is offering the service, is promising mobile internet access as high speed as your home broadband is.

Put differently, having 4G mobile data means that you will be able to stream live TV, play live multiplayer online games, download bulky email attachments and make high-definition video calls. Inevitably, users will have to pay a little more to get a slice of the pie. Is it worth it... to 4G or not to 4G?

What Is It?

The 4G – abbreviation for fourth generation – is what 2G and 3G used to be before, and that is a new technology which makes it easier and faster for smartphone users to access the web. Just now, those smartphone users need to have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy but 4G is undoubtedly going to become more and more affordable and accessible.

It is argued that 4G speeds are nearer to those that we get with our home broadband. Why are they doing it? Mobile networks are doing it because they believe that the faster and more pleasant our mobile internet experience, the bigger data allowances we’ll pay for.

Pros & Cons

The biggest advantage of the 4G technology is undoubtedly its speed. With 4G going live, mobile networks promised speeds 5 to 7 times current speeds of 3G mobile networks.

Its main ‘disadvantage’ is that it will cost you more that your current 3G sim card. However, we can accept it as we get better service.

Do I Need a Special Handset?

4G is available on the new iPhone 5. It will also be available on HTC, Samsung and Nokia mobile phones.

Will It Work Where I Live?

At the moment, EE’s 4G service is only available in 11 UK cities. However, EE are promising to expand their 4G network, plus other major network operators such as O2 and Vodafone are going to announce their 4G services at the beginning of the next year.

How Much Does It Cost?

Current EE’s offerings include lower cost ones such as a free 4G Huawei mobile for £25.99 a month to more expensive ones - £46 a month 4G sim card plan with a Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 5 16GB for £56 a month.

Where Can I Get It?

At the moment, the 4G service is only available on the market from EE. If you want to have it now, you will have to switch from your current mobile network to EE. However, Vodafone and O2 have announced that they are going to offer the 4G service at the beginning of the next year.

So stay tuned!