Simple Advice to Help You Buy a 3G Mobile Phone

Our simple advice is if you are going to use your phone for anything other than just telephoning or texting then you must buy a phone that can work on 3G mobile networks. This is not actually hard as almost every phone on the market does.

3G stands for 3rd Generation and is in simple terms it is ‘broadband for a mobile phone’. 3G is nothing new it has been around for years. Today mobile providers like Vodafone are rushing to upgrade their network to 4G especially in cities.

Choosing a 3G Mobile phone

Nowadays in choosing a phone you almost need to look first at what operating system you prefer:


If you like Apple, the best phone on sale at the moment is the iPhone 4S. However, be aware that this year the iPhone 5 will be released so you are better to wait and get that if money is no object or once the iPhone 5 is on the market you can buy a iPhone 4s, as it will be reduced in price. You will also be able to pick up a second hand iPhone 4s on eBay cheaply once the 5 is released.


If you like the Android operating system, in particular the excellent ‘ice cream sandwich’ version of the software, then without question you should buy the newly released Samsung Galaxy S III. This is a superb phone that offers so much from its super amoled display to its wonderful inbuilt camera (with fast shooting mode and high definition graphics).


Still a niche player in the phone market it is worth considering if you are looking for something different. The best windows phone currently on the market is the Nokia Lumia 900. All Nokia phones have a great feature called Nokia Maps. This is a free satellite navigation package – this works great with your 3G connection.

Data Packages

What you doing on a 3G phone is transferring data faster. Therefore when you get your contract or top-up you need to look at the data allowances. Data always used to be sold as a bolt on to your basic contract, but nowadays if you buy a monthly contract some data allowance is always included.

Here are our recommendations of how to choose a data package:

Usage Low: 250MB – you occasionally look at a website or Facebook

Usage Average: 250-500MB - you frequently are using social networks like twitter and Facebook

Usage High: 750 – 1GB – you use your phone almost as replacement computer for browsing apps and shopping

Usage Ultimate: 1GB and above – you watch movies on your phone or download large files regularly